Ever since our early days of running Hope & Sesame to our recent expansion into Charlie’s, we have always been fascinated by the chase and the thrill to source rare, high quality and boutique spirits all around the world. We would drive three hours from Perth to Margaret River just to visit a gin distillery or go in the oldest bodega in the streets of Madrid to look for that vintage bottle of sherry, but what have we done in the country we call home – China?

This is the reason why we have set our sails on this quest to uncover and popularise this ancient white spirit, that has commonly featured on dining tables or drinking inns all over China in the past 700 years, ever since the Ming Dynasty.

With over 10,000 brands of Baijiu in the market, this best-selling white spirit in the world has a whole new chapter to be written in modern day cocktail culture, and our vision is merely to be a cog in this movement.

The elegant and modern space of SanYou, offering an almost ceremonial experience, with great details and complexity in each cocktail

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3rd Floor, Super Wenheyou, No.75 Tianhe East Road, Guangzhou

庙前三酉- 天河东路75号超级文和友3楼

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