Charlie’s is born out of our passion for the wonderful continental bistro culture.

Here is all about classic and a feeling of authentic family recipe. weekend are for brunches with handmade pasta and freshly baked breads. Many of our produce are sourced locally, including aged cheeses, seafood, cured ham,…

We explore various cities as Vintages Pop-up such as Cuba, New York and Singapore. We curate vintage spirits and amaro available for connoisseurs .

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"New York Classics"

Like Frank said, “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”, New York is the birthplace and the benchmark of modern cocktail culture. We believe we cannot go on with this series of vintage cocktails if we don’t talk about the Giant apple in the room. This edition of the menu we are exploring the old, the classic and the new wave of New York inspired cocktails, paying homage to institutions whilst putting our own twist on the drinks.


MiaoQian Xijie 58, Dongshankou, Guangzhou

庙前冰室 – 广州市越秀区东山口-庙前⻄街58号

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7:00 PM – 2:00 AM
First booking slot: 7pm to 10pm
Second booking slot: 10pm onward

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