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Hope & Sesame, opened in March 2016, is tucked away behind a traditional Cantonese store in the quaint neighbourhoods of DongshanKou, the heart of the old Guangzhou. The bar is a unique testing ground for cocktail and innovation.

Behind a secret door within Hope & Sesame is “The Jazz Room”, a salon with passionate jazz players congregating nightly to perform lively tunes, it is a true sanctuary for live music enthusiasts. A group of 8-12 local and foreigners musicians varying style and ensuring each night there is consistency and yet diversity.

This new HEM² inspired cocktail 
menu is the first collaborative menu at Hope 
& Sesame, with the aim of showcasing the 
quality of art & culture in Guangdong. 
Each of our creation surrounds the topic of 
“Beyond Art” and showcases the unique 
encounter between art and cocktail with 
a “creative” touch.

Current menu available


MiaoQian Xijie 58, Dongshankou, Guangzhou

庙前冰室 – 广州市越秀区东山口-庙前⻄街58号

Our hours

7:00 PM – 2:00 AM
First booking slot: 7pm to 10pm
Second booking slot: 10pm onward

Contact us

Phone: +86 1881 935 3461