Charlie's Winter Pop-UP

庙前咖啡 Charlie's

 庙前咖啡是由亚洲五十佳酒吧庙前冰室团队打造,在广州东山口的一处“小洋楼” 里集手工咖啡、鸡尾酒、自然酒与美食为一体的意大利风情餐吧。从烘焙咖啡豆到新鲜手工意大利面和完美平衡的尼格罗尼;这里每个热闹的夜晚呈现了我们所喜欢的意大利咖啡文化的一切。

Charlie’s is created by the team of Asia’s 50 best Bar, Hope & Sesame. It is our take on a traditional Italian Caffe. “Artigianale” is the key element, from House-Roasted espresso to handmade fresh pasta & perfect-balanced negronis, lively evening, Charlie’s is everything we love about the Italian Caffe culture.

庙前三酉 Bar SanYou


Sanyou is the Chinese modern cocktail bar of the Hope Group; “you” indicates the evening time from five to seven o’clock in Chinese, and this is the perfect time for a sip of a drink. The philosophy of Sanyou is to bring together historical Chinese spirits with contemporary cocktail culture; Sanyou not only entails Chinese culture in the favor of the younger generation, opening the Chinese cocktail scene.



Moming Kombucha 
Dedicated to creating healthy and novel fermenting beverages through traditional fermentation processes and craftsmanship.

庙前冰室 h o p e g r o u p