Hope & Sesame, opened in March 2016, is tucked away behind a traditional Cantonese store in the quaint neighbourhoods of DongshanKou, the heart of the old Guangzhou. The bar is a unique testing ground for cocktail and innovation.

Behind a secret door within Hope & Sesame is “The Jazz Room”, a salon with passionate jazz players congregating nightly to perform lively tunes, it is a true sanctuary for live music enthusiasts. A group of 8-12 local and foreigners musicians varying style and ensuring each night there is consistency and yet diversity.


Please kindly note, reservation a day before, is highly recommended. 

The Bar open every night at 6 pm for walk-in only.

We have every night two rounds of booking: 8pm – 10pm & 10pm onwards and we keep reservation for up to 15 min unless informed of late arrival. 

Jazz performance start every night at 20:30 until midnight on weekday & 1am on Fri / Sat

Vol #14
"Familiar seasonings and flavors in our daily lives"

This menu revolves around the creation of cocktails using condiments from around the world. The tastes stem from familiar seasonings and flavors in our daily lives, making for a unique yet refreshing alcoholic ‘seasoning’. This menu allow us to express our passion for creative flavors and cocktails, as well as our relentless pursuit of exploration and innovation.



May 2023

Discover our journey through our past cocktails menus

Hope & Sesame


Over the years, Hope & Sesame, led by Bastien Ciocca and Andrew Ho, two passionate about the world of food & beverages, have become notorious for innovation in cocktails using modern technique like vacuum distillation and various infusion techniques, as well as its use of unique traditional Chinese liqueurs, plants and spices to create an unforgettable cocktail experience.

Hope & Sesame has been recognized this year #15 Asia 50 Best Bars 

In 2020, we rank #79 at the world raking “top 500 Bars“ and received for a second time, China Bar of the Year award at the Fifth DRiNK Awards, the leading ceremony in China, organized by DRiNK Magazine.

MiaoQian Xijie 58, Dongshankou Guangzhou

庙前冰室 – 广州市越秀区东山口   

Our hours

6:00 PM – 2:00 AM

Walking without booking 6pm to 8pm
First booking slot: 8pm to 10pm
Second booking slot: 10pm onward

Contact us

Phone: +86 1881 935 3461

Email: info@spiritsarchitects.com