The Box 1

The box 1是安藤忠雄的建筑理念的再现,淡雅禅意的日式哲学蕴含在我创作的这杯无酒精鸡尾酒里。柠檬叶椰子水充满了热带的风味,茉莉花茶又带着花茶的清香,再配上无酒精烈酒,形成一杯清爽的日式pina colada。
The box 1 presents Ando’s architectural concept through minimalist art pieces, which inspires me to concoct a zenful and tasteful mocktail that speaks for Japanese philosophy. Kaffir leaf coconut water with jasmine tea creates a very floral and tropical vibe in your mouth, and with a splash of seedlip distilled non-alcoholic spirits, a Japanese version of pina colada is right on the way.

ABV | 酒精度
Web Designer 0%
SWEET | 甜度
Web Designer 15%
SOUR | 酸度
Web Designer 2%
Web Designer 0%
UMAMI | 鲜度
Web Designer 28%

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