The Box 2

The box 2是安藤忠雄在日本濑户内海离岛的一座美术馆的再现,这幅建筑作品本身讨论的“少即是多”的命题,启发我用减法,做一杯去掉酒精的经典鸡尾酒negroni。将negroni的精华金酒去掉后,campari糖浆和酸樱桃汁形成甜酸的口感,再加上清香的桂花乌龙茶twist,这杯无酒精鸡尾酒最终达到比例的完美平衡。
The box 2 is another reborn version of one of Ando’s architectures on a Japanese island. This artwork discusses the meaning of “more or less”. To bring Ando’s philosophy of “less is more” to life, I choose to make a classic negroni without alcohol. Taking out the essential gin from negroni, campari syrup and cherry coridal sets a sweet and sour tone. The addition of Osmanthus oolong tea makes a refreshing twist that strikes the perfect balance of multy-flavors.

ABV | 酒精度
Web Designer 0%
SWEET | 甜度
Web Designer 43%
SOUR | 酸度
Web Designer 54%
Web Designer 62%
UMAMI | 鲜度
Web Designer 10%

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