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Mo Bar
The Mandarin Oriental
Wangfujing, Beijing

A warm welcome to MO Bar.

We are now on our volume 3 of this cocktail journey.

A curious testing ground for cocktail innovations through story-telling narratives and sustainable practices. Our team is very passionate about the art of perfecting our drinks and we hope our enthusiasm rubs off on whomever walks through our doors, as well as providing authentic hospitality and shaking up delicious drinks.

In our third edition menu, we explore our beloved capital city through music and musicians who shapes the local scene. The inspiration of the menu is a playful recreation of sights, sounds and souls from this metropolis, through the creative eyes of our team of mixologists. Sit back, relax and enjoy the drinks! Cheers,

MO Bar Team x Hope & Sesame


Founded in 2005 by vocal/guitarist Zhang Shouwang, bassist Li Weien and Drummer Li Qing,  


Luka Yang

& 张守望


Doug Martin (guitar), Jess Meider (vocals) and Xu Guangjun “ET” (bass)



Zhou Fei, Zhang Qilin, Zhang, Shang Long, and Yu Weimin


Founded by Bassist Wang Zheng & Guitarist Wei Wei 

DJ Eric Lee

The Music Menu