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从公元 200 年起源于中国的木版印刷,至毕升的活字印刷术,再到约翰内斯 · 谷登堡的机械印刷,这些历史中举足轻重的里程碑极大地推动了世界文明的进程。 

当您穿过MO酒吧的长廊,大量复古工业元素将在您眼前展现,让您仿如置身于古老活字印刷仓库的氛围中,感受高端现代的调酒技艺。 在这座以发展和创新著称的城市里,通过与“亚洲前 50 酒吧”庙前冰室团队的合作,MO 酒吧将为您呈献融合了复古与前卫的奢华体验。 

就坐,放松,请尽情享受您与 MO酒吧的旅程。

From Chinese’s invention of woodblock printing in 200AD to Bi Sheng’s movable type, then to Johannes Gutenberg’s mechanical printing press… Historical innovation milestones as such contributed and shaped the civilisation development in our current world.

Walk down the hallway, you find MO BAR in its vintage warehouse setting, showcasing the civilisation milestone of movable type and for your to experience first-hand. Combining cutting-edge and modern techniques of mixology, with the collaboration of the MO BAR team and the team of Asia’s 50 Best Bar Hope & Sesame, we aim to bring you the luxurious blend of vintage and avant-garde experience.

In the city that is well known for development and innovation, fusions together with the Asian roots and luxury heritage of the Mandarin Oriental, we present you the MO BAR in Mandarin Oriental Shenzhen.

Take your seat, get comfortable, and enjoy your journey with MO BAR.

"The Moveable Press"

"An interactive experience combining fine cocktails and craftsmanship"

Monkey 47 Gin, Douglas Fir Hydrosol “Traffic Light” Essence Oil

Chivas Mizunara, Peanut, Miso Caramel Calvados, Ginger, Green Cardamom Spray

Gvine Gin, Brown Butter, Sauternes Fino Sherry, Pearl, Grape Must

Havana Club White Rum, Pandan Coconut, White Pepper, “Hot Solder”

Sg Shochu “Mugi”, Tabb Baijiu, Pear Almond Milk, Fig Leaf Sake

Peddler’s Gin, White Chocolate, Huangjiu Osmanthus, Fernet Hunter, Suze

Michter’s US*1 Bourbon, Buckwheat Fermented Rose Jam, Strawberry Clarified Milk, “Nitro Aged”

Mezcal, Absolut Vodka, Roasted Oak Rosemary, Sherry

Absolut Vodka, Soy Sauce, Tomato Smoked Plum, Green Tea Soda

Codigo Tequila, Matcha Mango, Hibiscus



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