The little Kombucha born in Guangzhou that is now available in over 300 restaurants and hotels across China

The little Kombucha born in Guangzhou in 2020 that is now available in over 300 restaurants and hotels across China​.

Moming Kombucha, created by Marcia Xiao, co-owner of the Asia 50 Best Bar Hope & Sesame received recognition for her devolution and experience in fermentation, conducting many workshop and events across the country over the years.

Our Vision

Our Kombucha is made for curious souls that enjoy craftsmanship and refinements in life. Our kombucha are low in sugar, only using natural ingredients locally sourced.

Our secret, the tea selection

Moming strives to find the most suitable tea source and variety for the long fermentation process, only using high-quality loose leaf tea. That's why each bottle of Kombucha is rich in probiotics and tea polyphenols, the taste is mellow and elegant.

Balance is the key

From the selection of ingredients to the fermentation process of our Kombuchas, we constantly look for a balance between tea aromas, fermentation, and a plesant body. Many Kombucha tend to be overly sour or bitter

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Inspired by Cantonese morning tea, delicate and fragrant floral fragrance. This is our best selling Kombucha

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Kombucha is a well-known trendy drink in Europe and the United States, but few people know about it in China. Marcia have been drinking Kombucha since she was a child without knowing what it was. She started a movement to let more people know this so delicious beverage, which has a hundred years of history in China.

In 2021, After few years of research, Marcia finally have a stable production line. Since then, Moming Kombucha has become a choice for many people across the country.