Room of Ensō¹

圆相的空间展出了两幅截然不同的画作,第一幅是日本前卫艺术家用行为艺术的形式— 足绘来创作的一副充满红色颜料,非常有张力和冲击力的作品。红色,原始主义和浓稠的笔触,让我联想到墨西哥风味。我用烤墨西哥辣椒味的龙舌兰作为基调,加入了茴香,甜菜根,红石榴,形成入口猛烈,后劲十足的调和感,就像这幅画本身一样令人难忘。
In the Room of Enso, there are two drastically different paintings in exhibition. The first one is an eye-catching and visually compelling artwork with very thick burning-red strokes that reminds me of a very Mexican vibe. That’s why I choose jalapeño infused tequila to set the tone, adding strong yet engaging flavors like pomegranate, beetroot, and fennel pernod to spice it up. This will create a very attention-grabbing taste at first and leave it intriguing for a long time, just like the art.

ABV | 酒精度
Web Designer 40%
SWEET | 甜度
Web Designer 40%
SOUR | 酸度
Web Designer 49%
SPICY | 辣度
Web Designer 70%
UMAMI | 鲜度
Web Designer 35%

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