Futian | Shenzhen

HOPE group expanded into Shenzhen and introduced a modern approach to the Chinese Spirit culture. Sanyou Shenzhen interprets “MIC” in a modern way. There is not only Baijiu, yellow rice wine and rice wine are used with postmodern technology,
but also adding Chinese natural wine, Gin and an every growing selection of locally created Whisky as part of cocktails.


Our first cocktail menu is a journey to Shantou in the Guangdong province. We traveled and visited many local communities, drank a lot of tea, hunted down the best late night supper spots and searched for inspirations that truly reflect this incredibly rich food culture area of China. Here is a small recap from our latest trip with our team.

The elegant and modern space of SanYou, offering an almost ceremonial experience,
with great details, live music and complexity in each cocktail

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